The Book of Jonah

Music: Imre Bogár
Text: Verse details from Mihály Babits

The Book Of Jonah is one of the books of the small prophets. Some researchers think, the formation of this was about in b.c 700., some others think it was about in b.c. 500.

The Book shows up, than God rules the whole World, but He is not indifferent to the life and fate of the nations beyond Israel either. The poem of Mihály Babits was written on the basis of the Book, in about 1938. This time, in the life of Babits the solitude intensifies, the worrying about the social events in the world, and against that, with his poem Book of Jonah he undertake the mission of the prophets.

He becomes one in sole with the Biblical prophet. The story streamed to sounds by Imre Bogár was presented in 1983. with orchestra, choir, an solo singers. In 2013. was made the "a cappella" version, without instruments, written for solo vocals only.

The composition includes - beside the Biblical story and the adaptation of Babits-the reflections to the problems of the recent age.

Performance with 4 member choir (soprano, mezzo, alt and bass) ’a capella’ band.

Amongst themes reads narrator the relevant text from the book of Jonah prophet of Bible. All the 12 paragraphs contain the whole prophet text with smaller insignificant skips.

To this performance of oratorio choral work needs 4 pieces of microphone and amplifier.

The composition consists of contemporary classic, jazz and pop musical elements. All the same can this provide uniform sounding, set-up and musical experience.

The musical contents of the disc:

  1. - Jon. 1, 1-2 - Rise up….
  2. - Jon. 1,3-5,10-13,15 - Storm
  3. - Jon. 2,1 - Whale
  4. - Jon. 2, 2-7 - Supplication
  5. - Jon. 2,10-11 - Release
  6. - Jon. 3,1-2 - God spake onto Jonah once again
  7. - Jon. 3,3-4 - Niniveh
  8. - Jon. 3,5-6 - Desert
  9. - Jon. 4,1-2 - Crying to his god
  10. - Jon. 4,4 - The Lord thounght
  11. - Jon. 4,5-7 - Gourd
  12. - Jon. 4,8-9 - Coda

The Whale