Our performance features a mixture of jazz, classical and pop, all of witch our vocal group handles very well.

This formation we have worked as since 1998 sounds especially harmonic, as a result of countless rehersals, concerts and performances we have done together.

Our singing skills and personalities have been raised to a high level, thanks to our similar attitudes to music and commitment to art.

In the performance of four singers can hear classic and jazz compositions without instrumental following.

More than 20 years organized band performs regulary on Europe's European festivals and concerts. Our band has taken part in several choir contents and festivals / Solevoci-Varese, Vokal Total- Graz, and Montreux/ and our performance had been rewarded with honourable prizes.The band appears on jazz festivals, classic musical organisations, church concerts and balls.

The Hortus M. Singers has unique sounding, mostly shows in their own compositions, for example in Imre Bogár : The Book Of Jonah.

However, they draw on other composers too, than e.g J.S. Bach, A. Vivaldi compositions, and the band performs these compositions in own cover, mixed with some jazz.